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My opinion about Mybb ( not important)
My main forum does use IPB, but I think many Invision users have been unhappy with all price jumping and actions Invision Power Systems has done to it's customers . I do think mybb has a very good chance to compete with Invision, but the a lot of features need to be catch up. Ajax in fast reply,make skinning easier, and maybe a few other things also.  Don't get me wrong I like mybb, infact if mybb was priced under IPB with a lot features are standard in VB and IPB have I think many would jump to mybb. I've tired many forum systems out,because i've been curious other forum systems possible for another site of mine. i found so far this is the best behind Invision. I tried Xmb, but some features are lacking that are standard. Phbb is so behind and it's more a risk than a joy to have for a forum system.

Anyways, I guess I really like to see Mybb continue to grow and possible compete a higher level with other 2 forum systems. It's a good forum system and I like to see it make it.

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My opinion about Mybb ( not important) - by nirvanafans - 2006-12-07, 07:09 AM

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