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Not Solved [Error Message] [answer?] Try to change selected users group, but 'sorry' ?
Not Solved
Thank you for the questions.
1. I think java script is enabled (Firefox list scrnshot attached)
2. Havent made any code changes for some time.
3. 'file verification' jpg/s list attached

[update] Just checked and another similar forum, different domain name, is marking users and changind user group just fine... so, at least, must not be 'java' ?

[answer?] Looked at other similar forum and view set at (default?) 20.
Had set subject forum view at 1000.
Changed to 500 and now, select and change user group, works.
Is there a maximum number, under 1000 and over 500, that would work... ie is there an official max, or would we need to do a lengthy T&E ? Confused
Maybe I need to post this question in 'general support' forum ?

(2013-10-19, 07:09 PM).m. Wrote: check if java script is blocked in your browser on admin panel pages
have you recently added any jQuery based plugin / code modification ?
also run file verification tool available at tools & maintenance section & focus on changed & missing java script files

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Thanks again for your help !

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