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Not Solved SQL Error: 1054 with Private Messages
Not Solved
(2014-03-24, 08:05 PM)Nathan Malcolm Wrote: Two solutions.

1) Edit private.php


$get_users = implode(',', array_unique($get_users));


$get_users = array_map('intval', $get_users);

There should be two occurrences where this change is needed.

2) Run these queries on the database (make sure you backup first)

update mybb_privatemessages set to = replace(to, 'Guest', 0)
update mybb_privatemessages set bcc = replace(to, 'Guest', 0)

I haven't tested either of these but one of them should work for you.
I had no success.

I really like help if possible. I know it's out of line if one the staff willing contact and help me, but it be highly appreciated and I need it.

I've been supportive of mybb since 2006. This is for my Nirvana forum that I brought back and converted the system from IPB v2.1.4. Only error is this error.

Thank You!

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