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Not Solved [How To?] How to hide forums from users
Not Solved
First of all my compliments to the conversion script, except 2 faults in the script (see my other thread) it worked perfectly after I fixed them.

I'm just testing at the moment, and don't know for sure if we're going to MyBB or to SMF. It depends mainly on security configuration options present. So I got 2 questions.

1.) In vBulletin it was easy to hide certain forums from guest, users and even moderators.

For example we got a moderator forum. Guest can't view the content of this forum, but they can see that it's there.
The possibility of hiding forum names and sections to certain usergroups is a real must, without it, Mybb is no option.
Is there an option so they can't even see a complete section or forum?

2.) Will there be something similar like access masks which vBulletin has?
For example, we got user Bob and George, both member of the normal registered member group.
However, we got several special forums, which we like to give Bob access to forum A en George to forum B, without having to make 2 seperate usergroups again.
Does Mybb has something like this or will this be in the new to come 1.8 version?
Greetings, Black Tiger

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