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Not Solved [Solved] Language switch on Help Documents not working
Not Solved
Hi all,

I have started a MyBB Forum (last version 12) that is working nicely with one exception.

I have the Quick Language Change in the footer and it works correctly except if I want to look at the Help Documents. I get only the english version independantly of the switch position.

However, the header, the breadcrumb are correct in french. Only the 2 sections with the documents are unchanged in english.

I have all files in both english and french directories set up :
/inc/languages/english and /french with :
customhelpdocs.lang.php, customhelpsections.lang.php,
helpdocs.lang.php, helpsections.lang.php

However, if I want to edit them with ACP/Languages, their content does not show up.

Seems to me like a problem in misc.php.

My site :

Thanks for your answers.

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[Solved] Language switch on Help Documents not working - by papa2fois - 2014-02-27, 05:52 PM

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