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Not Solved [Solved] Language switch on Help Documents not working
Not Solved
Quote:^ by now, you might have seen such structure of links at the help section of your forum.

Yes, it is what I get when the 'Help' button is hit on my forum, with 'french' selected.
Quote:if I am not mistaken, the person you have referred to has not added any custom code in misc.php file
whatever you have seen at the other forum should be from the default MyBB system
There is no modification in the core modules of my forum (before I installed Xthreads).
What I wanted to say is that, if the core misc.php file generates such an URL and that a french translation for the Help Documents exists, then, the Help Documents should appear in french in a base MyBB forum.
That is why I am wondering on the :
Quote:they're unfortunately not possible to translate in default MyBB
from Destroy666.
So, I was expecting somebody cleverer than me could explain that phrase from analysis of the base code of misc.php.

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