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Not Solved Passwords not converting from phpBB3
Not Solved
Too much proprietary information in it for me to share.

I did a little experiment. I have an earlier version of the database in phpbb2 format. I converted that and it created password in a mybb installation (MyBB2).

I was able to log into MyBB2 using the id and password from the phpbb2 instance.
(The id and password I am testing is the same in both phpbb instances.)

I then converted the phpbb3 database as before into a different installation of mybb (MyBB). I then pasted the encrypted password from MyBB2 into the MyBB's database.

I couldn’t log in to MyBB.

I know that the way password are encrypted changed between phpbb2 and phpbb3, but I don't understand why mybb would care once it was converted.

Looks like something is going on with how the two conversion work or how mybb thinks the password is encrypted/created.

I’ll poke around some more and see if I can see anything that might drive that.

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Passwords not converting from phpBB3 - by gdamon - 03-04-2014, 06:47 PM
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