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Not Solved Group promotion for only approved posts
Not Solved
If I have a group promotion rule based on posts, can a person trigger that rule with un-approved posts (e.g., posts in a section that requires moderator approval for new posts), or is a promotion rule only triggered by approved posts? I didn't see anything in the AdminCP group promotion section to specify one or the other.

For example, say I have section X where posts require moderator approval, and I also have a group promotion rule that triggers at at least ten posts. Can a user trigger this group promotion by posting ten times in section X?

Finally, if I create this group promotion rule for at least ten posts, will it automatically trigger when I create it for all the people who already have at least 10 posts? Or would they have to post again to trigger it?


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Group promotion for only approved posts - by soulred12 - 2014-03-04, 07:50 PM

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