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Not Solved How To: SMF > PHPBB > MYBB
Not Solved

Thanks for this thread, but it seems that doesn't solve my issue.
The filetimes are all different, so I guess that's not the issue.

Here's my mybb_attachments table after converting from phpBB3:

[Image: mybb_attachments.PNG]

As you can see, all the data is there, and they're all showing different filesizes, their proper filenames, everything.

Now have a look at my phpBB3 files vs the converted MyBB ones...

[Image: attachments_phpbb3_vs_mybb.PNG]

In each of those 10kb files is 222 lines of html.

Here's my phpbb_attachments (before conversion to MyBB)

[Image: phpbb_attachments.PNG]

Clicking on any of the attachment links in the posts after conversion, opens a page with a url such as:

And all that's on that page is:

<img style="-webkit-user-select: none" src="">

Here's my merge report: report_1398345472.html

This confuses me, but perhaps it'll make a lot of sense to someone else.

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