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Not Solved [General] ACP User group Problem
Not Solved

i made a new install of mybb, version 1.6.12, but from the start i've noticed this problem when i try to change or manage the user group in the ACP.

Quote:MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1054 - Unknown column 'cansendemailoverride' in 'field list'
UPDATE mybb_usergroups SET type='1', title='Administrators', description='The group all administrators belong to.', namestyle='{username}', usertitle='Administrator', stars='7', starimage='images/star.gif', image='', isbannedgroup='0', canview='1', canviewthreads='1', canviewprofiles='1', candlattachments='1', canpostthreads='1', canpostreplys='1', canpostattachments='1', canratethreads='1', caneditposts='1', candeleteposts='1', candeletethreads='1', caneditattachments='1', canpostpolls='1', canvotepolls='1', canundovotes='1', canusepms='1', cansendpms='1', cantrackpms='1', candenypmreceipts='1', pmquota='0', maxpmrecipients='0', cansendemail='1', cansendemailoverride='0', maxemails='0', canviewmemberlist='1', canviewcalendar='1', canaddevents='1', canbypasseventmod='1', canmoderateevents='1', canviewonline='1', canviewwolinvis='1', canviewonlineips='1', cancp='1', issupermod='1', cansearch='1', canusercp='1', canuploadavatars='1', canchangename='0', showforumteam='1', usereputationsystem='1', cangivereputations='1', reputationpower='2', maxreputationsday='0', maxreputationsperuser='0', maxreputationsperthread='0', attachquota='0', cancustomtitle='1', canwarnusers='1', canreceivewarnings='1', maxwarningsday='0', canmodcp='1', showinbirthdaylist='0', canoverridepm='0', canusesig='1', canusesigxposts='0', signofollow='0' WHERE gid='4'

I do the verification, but it results no files damaged.

What i can do?

Thank you.

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