Not Solved Parse HTML in Custom Profile Field?
Not Solved
(2014-03-20, 01:47 PM)Destroy666 Wrote:
Quote:Use {VALUE} for representing the value of this field.

I put {VALUE} in Display Format but still doesn't work? I'm sure I'm doing something wrong because I have no idea how to populate the text areas in the extra field settings!

ETA: I got it to work in the postbit by using the global variable! last question...How do I get the image to display in the User Optional Details table in member profile page? What template?

Ok, I got it working on postbit and profile page but I had to use the bbcode in profile mod along with the xthreads extra profile field mod to make it happen! Quite a chore but worth it! I can now have individual custom group images for each member of my staff and maybe forum supporters!

All is good for now....Angel
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