(not a mycode request) - Edit Search Function
(2014-04-04, 04:39 AM)Omar G. Wrote: The "Find All Threads" link should filter by threads without post snips.

That only finds threads that were started by the user. I want to find any thread where that user has posted, so editing the search posts to only display the topic title works better... I did find that the preview code is in the templates so I removed that on my own.

I've edited the last bits in the templates to do what I want.

Thanks so much for looking into this and helping me out!

Leefish Wrote:If you do decide to edit a core file I suggest you use the patches plugin as it makes upgrades much easier.

I have no idea how to do that... I've actually edited several of the core files, and yah it is a tad annoying when I do upgrades to the newest version and it erases my edits; but I really don't know much about using plugins (and no idea what patches even are). I modified a few pluggins to do different things but I'm basically a noob when it comes to coding.
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