Not Solved mybb publisher not posting in facebook
Not Solved
I am giving you full details both facebook and twitter are not working only tumblr is working. I double check and all the settings are correct. This problem occurred when i change my server.
In FB step 1 : Name, Description app link is blank.

In Twitter Step 1 : all details are shown but when i turn into "Step 4: Create/Delete a Test Post" then it shows "Return value of test post update::
Test post was not made. See output above."

Now i enable debug mode lets see what happen....

hi i check error log but there is no error messages only appear what i posted. Now how to see what happen....?
will u please check my forum. i will pm admin cp access ?

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mybb publisher not posting in facebook - by Matt - 2014-08-24, 10:19 AM
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