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[For 1.8] Quick Advanced Editor 6.1.2 (Show sceditor in quick reply and quick edit)
Haha, sorry, I have to bother you again Big Grin

If I jump to a certain post (ie. with a link like this: ), I don't end up at the post but much further down. It seems like it scrolls so far down until the formatting-buttons are visible at the bottom of the screen, regardless of the anchor set in the url. Can you provide a fix to this issue?

Edit: as it turns out, the same issue applies when I do not provide an anchor (so simply something like showthread.php?tid=123).

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RE: Quick Advanced Editor 5.1.1 (Show sceditor in quick reply and quick edit) - by chriki - 2014-09-30, 01:11 PM

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