Not Solved [How To?] How to enable stopforumspam new feature?
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I'm not the OP, but I have this problem as well and I definitely did disable the old plugin before upgrade as I did with ALL of my plugins.  Can someone point me to the queries to run to insert the SFS settings or either what needs to be added via the ACP itself.  I'd prefer to do it direct via a query or two, but whatever gets me to the goal of having this working.

Just as reference, I do have the mybb_spamlog table present and the spam log also exists from the ACP. Also, the Purce spammer setting are in place and have the option for the SFS API key...I just don't have the SFS specific settings section.

One more bit of info, I just checked and I have the settings in the DB...just not in the ACP...

Sorry, hate to keep bumping this thread, but after I dug around for a bit, I was able to tell that everything except for the setting group existed. I found the XML that created the group and the settings and just manually inserted the settings group into my DB and all the setting were there.

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