Not Solved [How To?] How to enable stopforumspam new feature?
Not Solved
I run into the same problem and it was relatively easy to fix.

First you need to add the settings group which was probably deleted. This can be done via the ACP:
Open ACP -> Configuration -> Add New Setting Group (a tab the top)
title="Stop Forum Spam"
description="This section allows you to change the settings used for the integration with"

Then you should add the particular settings, but when I tried that, it reported an error that they are already present. That will save time Smile
So you need to modify the database. Open the mybb_settings table and search for "enablestopforumspam_on_register" and other settings. They should be present. Notice their "gid" value, in my case it was 23. Now open the mybb_settinggroups table and locate the "stopforumspam" row. Change its gid to the gid found in the mybb_settings table (23 in my case). You should also change the isdefault to 1.

Now you should have all settings back.

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