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Not Solved bug or not?
Not Solved

I've noticed a weird thing on my forum. When I click on somebody's profile I usually see their status (online/offline) and what thread they are visiting at that moment, or replying to thread or whatever they do. 

Lately I've noticed that most of the members are searching forum when I click on their profile. It was a bit weird because so many people searched forum at the same time. 

So I created an account from another device, and started to create a new thread. That should be visible in the profile of that account as 'creating a new thread' or whatever. 

But no! When I checked that profile as an administrator that account was 'searching forum'. That means that most members are doing other stuff on the forum while I see them as searching forum. 

It is strange and I'm not sure if that is a bug in the code, or something I can fix on my own from ACP?

thank you

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bug or not? - by 400d - 2014-09-06, 05:10 PM
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