Not Solved [How To?] Need help on setting up.
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I'm starting up a new project all to do with football(soccer) such as things like a fantasy football team, like some papers do, if they choose the correct players for each game they get more points in there account, rating certain players, funny football pictures, just things that would make the forum a load of fun.
as I am very new to all this I have no clue on how to create theme, add the perfect plugins and make it so fantastically unique to any other out there...

The forum is brand new with a 1.8 MyBB installed, with no changes but I am very willing on paying someone that knows a orange load of experience with this getting my forum looking brilliant with great plugins, and if there is any body out there willing to help out please send me a e-mail to [email protected]

Thank you very much Smile

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Need help on setting up. - by r0flez - 2014-09-07, 10:54 AM

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