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Looking for some help in allowing my visitors to upload multiple attachments at once. Doing one at a time is too cumbersome.

I used MaxAttachments 2.0 on my 1.6 site with no problems. With 1.8 it gives me the dreaded "The file upload failed. Please choose a valid file and try again. Error details: PHP returned error code: Array. Please contact your forum administrator with this error." regardless if an attachment is there or not.

I added 18* to the compatibility section of the plugin. That allowed me to install, but the functionality of the plugin will not allow my users to post.

Any other changes that I would need to make in order to get this plugin to work? Or am I missing something in terms of allowing my users the ability to bulk upload as 1.8 stands.

FWIW: I have tried the AJAX multiupload plugin but I do not like the way its designed.

Thanks in advance!

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