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[For 1.8] MyProfile - Profile Comments & more (version 1.2)
(2014-09-26, 01:58 PM)dragonexpert Wrote: I'm not certain if the project has translations enabled or not. I'm not able to check that.

Quote:I wait for Release this and upgrade my forum. Please release sooner, I'm Very eager to use Big Grin

While we do want to get it out soon, we do have busy lives also. My real job I'm doing 50 hours this week and 48 next week.

Quote:I in this version(0.3), not found any option for "if i receive a comment, please notification me with E-mail" (this available on aqualiz plugin. can you add this option?! And in default this option is off.

This can probably be added in the next release.

My thoughts exactly Smile I think everyone hates "upgrading" things. So we really don't want to be releasing a new version for each bug fix Smile

@dragon, I added you to collaborators on mods, I don't know how to activate translations for the plugin Confused

(2014-09-26, 11:22 AM)SAEED.M Wrote:
(2014-09-26, 12:54 AM)TheGarfield Wrote: Hey, dragonexpert and I are working on the upcoming version, 0.5 that should include bugfixes to many problems, and a comment converter (for those who need that Big Grin).

There shouldn't be any language modification as far as I know, you can keep an eye on version 0.5 on GitHub.

Thank you for translating the plugin this is really awesome, could you please submit it to the mods site? Thank you Smile

And another suggestion:
Can add a link like this image (i'm attach this image) , and this link just show to profile's user for Request to delete all comments? many member need to request for delete all comments and don't know how can request, if add this link user can request easier and after click on link show a notification to mods for delete all and after click on notification go to user's profile!
I do this need to many time but if you can add this is very good. Smile

Thanks a lot for work. Wink

Added to 1.0 Milestone Smile
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