Not Solved [How To?] Password to join usergroups?
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Is there any plugin that lets members use a password to join an usergroup in some kind of way?

I am now using MyBB 1.8.3

When I was using 1.6 there was a plugin named Invition management or something like that, where it was possible to make members write a code to assign their usergroup instantly as they register.

My forum is like this, when registering, you get in 'register' usergroup, this because everybody in world can register.. it's a guild forum and we let people who wanna join guild write an application on the forum.

However, I want all existing guild members be able to instantly after registering be able to confirm and fix their usergroup, due the 'register' usergroup is set only to show a few forums and be able to only view most of the forums they can access.

I wonder, is there some kind of way to do this? Any plugin at all?
I been looking at the plugins that's officially on the plugin page for MyBB 1.8.x, but I can't find any plugin like this. But still I wonder, if there might be something that works for this?

The really best would be if they do this AFTER registration, in case they miss it at registration page.

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