Not Solved [split] Merging Kunena -> SMF -> MyBB 1.8
Not Solved
hello there... I tested merging my kunena to smf to mybb locally. But im not sure with the database. Here is my problem. I'm happy to hear your suggestions. I'm going to convert it locally. I will close my kunena forum for the whole day then download a backup. After that i will convert it locally to smf then to mybb. After that i will backup mybb forum after i checked  everything is fine. Then upload it to my site just like uploading a backup of a site that crashed. I know that hostgator that i may ask them to restore my backup but im not sure if its ok if the backup of mybb will be restored  where my kunena forum is still alive.

I'm also afraid that i will get some mistakes creating the database locally that will cause a complication when i upload it at my hostgator.

The only small problem i have with the convertion is the pictures attached on the post are not inline. Those pictures are very important to my forum that they dont have to be clicked to see. What should i do with that? Do i just need to download a mod? How about the passwords? They(members) just have to click the forgot password after the error login?

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