Not Solved [split] Merging Kunena -> SMF -> MyBB 1.8
Not Solved
(2015-01-20, 07:12 AM).m. Wrote: ^ location for loginconvert.php => MyBBforumFolder/inc/plugins/

it should be activated from the plugins page of MyBB forum admin panel
MyBB forum admin panel >> config >> plugins

thanks. I checked the user cp and it shows how many attachments are allowed but what im saying was when i converted it from smf to mybb the attachments are the same, unlike when it was in kunena that are  inline.  About running the queries. which database's file name should i choose and edit for this? thank you

PHP Code:
ALTER TABLE mybb_users CHANGE showimages showimages tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '1';
PHP Code:
UPDATE mybb_users SET showimages = '1' WHERE showimages = '0';

by the way, even when i converted kunena to smf  the passwords were not recovered that the members still have to choose the forgot password but i converted it quickly to mybb. Do you mean if i use this converter all the passwords of my members in Kunena will still be the same? Sorry if i ask too much details.

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