[1.8] Show first post (mod)
Show first post plugin for MyBB 1.8.x
This plugin shows first post on each thread page.

This is modification of plugin Show First Post [1.4] created by Jasiu & krig. Since authors of this plugin is not active anymore and plugin have no any license, I made a little modification for compability with 1.8.x, and post it to the public.

Warning: I'm not a PHP developer and my madskillz in PHP are poor. But I'll try to learn quickly as I can.
Sorry for grammar and other mistakes, English is not my native language.

# Changes compare to original plugin:
- fixed template insert incompabilty with MyBB 1.8.x
- fixed template look and feel to match default MyBB 1.8.x view
- fixed general incompabilty with MyBB 1.8.x
- moderator options (pin/unpin) are working now

# Known issues:
- pinned post always have PID of the last post in thread
- redirect message have no language strings
- incorrect settings state after disable/enable plugin (always show default settings state)

- uninstallation feature with correct deletion of all plugin settings from DB
- proper language support (for now, plugin uses single lang file and insert ACP settings / redirect messages strings direct in template) for ACP, redirect message
- query optimization?

# Download:
Version 1.4.5 in attachment.

My main questions are:
- how to implement correct language support, with separate ACP and general lang files?
- how to implement correct uninstallation process?
- what about license? I want this plugin to be available for all without any limitations.

I'll be appreciate any help in development!

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English is not my native language, so, sorry for any mistakes which I will do for sure.

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