Not Solved [How To?] why do I get permission denied for "Purge Spammer" and "Mark this forum read"
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(2017-06-29, 04:44 PM).m. Wrote: is Devnullius has moderating privileges for specific forums ?
if so purge spammer might be working only at those specific forums.

which find button you were referring to ? is that the button below the posts ?

might not be able to check those issues right now. can you remind me tomorrow through a PM ..

May I call you sweetie? Hello sweetie Smile

Thanks for the feedback. It was a good idea so I double checked; I'll concentrate on user 'admin' only...

It's an Administrator account (checked profile settings).
All boards, including where the spammers are enjoying themselves, have all options open for registered users (or even trial users). Administrators are all Allowed to do everything.

Checking the details with Edit Permissions confirms this: everything that enables something is set to ON.

Enjoy your evening... Smile

Hmmm... I might be on to something now... When I don't look at Permissions but at Moderators, it seems a user is missing... Might have something to do with me securing the forum.

I removed the invalid user. If I click Edit, I get: Please select a valid moderator.

I am able to add a Group or a new user though; so I added  Moderators group to the Moderator settings.

I'll reply if that doesn't work. Otherwise, thanks once again! Smile

xx Devvie


Post edit: I also was missing the Purge Now button for Purge Spammer. Solved with this:

Post-edit: it still doesn't work. I carefully ran over it. I'll have someone hopefully look at it. My brain is pulp right now ;p

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