Not Solved [How To?] Use images for Multiple Select Box field
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So, im trying to add some kind of "Select What Games you Play" type of field for users to select the most active games they play on our community, but im trying to make it so it parses HTML to allow me to put Images before the text.

The basic idea is to Allow me to use HTML so i can give them a class and show a custom cssĀ block on the postbit in order to display banners (CS:GO, TF2, etc.) but at the same time i would like to display a little icon on the profile

[Image: cliZIwU.png]

Is it possible to do? or perphaps i have to use PHP to select an Array element?

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Use images for Multiple Select Box field - by SparkyCode - 2015-05-12, 04:44 PM

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