Strange filtering in option "text"
Hello there,

I was working on a plugin and I've to had a port number, potentially with ssl support (it's for IRC). So, I decided to use the conventional + sign as prefix, but I found a really strange filtering.
My setting definition is:
$settings[] = array(
	'name' => CN_ABPLIM.'_port',
	'title' => $lang->lightirc_porttitle,
	'description' => $lang->lightirc_portdesc,
	'optionscode' => 'text',
	'value' => '6667',
	'disporder' => 3,
	'gid' => $gid,

If I enter +6667 and come back to the settings, I see 6667.
If I enter 66+67 and come back, I've 66+67.

I didn't look at source code yet, but seems weird. Or did I do a mistake ?
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