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[Rejected] More options for not permitted forums
(2016-03-26, 12:52 PM)Nik101010 Wrote: Implementing stuff in core is always easier, than having it via plugin ^^ But having everything imaginable in core ... MyBB 2 would never be released and would be impossible to maintain.

Maybe you're successful with suggesting a hook for 1.8 when you can explain what is not possible and why it is not possible.

Okay, I don't get further feedback on how successful my suggestion is or was. I think it will just fade away forgotten because nobody needs it. So I will have to deal with it.

(2016-03-26, 02:44 PM)Destroy666 Wrote:
(2016-03-26, 12:35 PM)Amaryllion Wrote: I think, I just give up and just edit the file over and over again with every update.

Patches plugin also exists for a good reason.

Yes, but I thought it exists for exotic code changes. And I admit, I don't trust a plugin to do my code changes in core files.
But this is a basic thing: Providing the last poster info and counter info whether you are allowed to enter a forum or not. Really, every other board software can do that.

You just need one more template (forumbit_depth2_forum_hidden) and it would not effect any person who does not want these infos. All the other MyBB users could just change two templates (forumbit_depth2_forum_hidden, forumbit_depth2_forum_lastpost_hidden) and there add some variables and they would be done.

For I don't have MyBB 2.0 perhaps someone could move this thread to the 1.8 section?

I could do this modification in core if it just is a question of manpower. Smile
I simply do not know where and how exactly to help.

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