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[1.8] Respond, a responsive mobile-ready Bootstrap theme
Respond the last MyBB theme you'll ever need!

Respond is a responsive, mobile-ready Bootstrap premium theme for MyBB 1.8. Respond is compatible with any Bootstrap theme, so it's easy to switch between themes.

  • Made with jQuery 2.1.4 and Bootstrap 3.3.4, featuring Font Awesome 4.3.0 icons
  • Utilizes bandwidth-saving CDNs
  • HTML5
  • Multilingual support
  • Compatible with Bootstrap themes
  • Tableless layout (with few exceptions)
  • Responsive and mobile-ready
    • Fully functional MyBB for any screen size
    • Off-canvas nav
    • Non-essential elements collapse to increase ease-of-use
  • Special features:
    • Forum subtree in navbar that does not require a plugin/core-file modifications
    • Sticky thread titles and quick reply
    • Popup postbit author information
    • Previous/next page swipe gestures
    • Tabbed User CP and Mod CP
    • Lazy loading for avatars and post images
  • Google PageSpeed Insights: 90+/100 mobile user experience rating


Small screens (view more)
[Image: SKPnTFh.gif]

[Image: zaKmvPLb.png] [Image: 6nrjh0gb.png] [Image: dLCrBMFb.png] [Image: 2lFaJo5b.png] [Image: G2M0Llyb.png]

Large screens (view more)
[Image: eCKO7azb.png] [Image: FPoN0xbb.png] [Image: QT0fnnXb.png] [Image: hAZ42zWb.png] [Image: jzYMpcnb.png]

Live Preview

Quickly and easily preview Respond and how it looks at different screen widths and also with different Bootstrap themes.

[Image: SyHvFNM.gif]

Price: $30 USD

[Image: btn_buynowCC_LG.gif]

To view the Respond EULA, inquire about copyright removal, or for any other inquires, please PM. Also note that I am only able respond to purchases, inquires, support or any other emails/PM after 6 PM Eastern Time.

Bootstrap themes

To use your own Bootstrap theme, just link to the theme's CSS at the end of the Ungrouped Templates > headerinclude template. For example, if your Bootstrap theme CSS is located at, add the following to the end of your headerinclude template:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

Preview of some Bootstrap themes you can use with Respond
[Image: 8TFjMkLb.png] [Image: aiYMcElb.png] [Image: Cu44LCIb.png] [Image: vbWECEGb.png] [Image: oqyXBnOb.png] [Image: l0iS0hob.png]

See Bootswatch for some free Bootstrap themes, or create your own themes easily with Bootstrap Magic. The Live Preview also allows you to quickly preview Bootswatch themes or you can specify a URL to your own Bootstrap theme CSS file to preview.

Unthemed sections

I tried my best to manually and painstakingly convert almost every template to Bootstrap compatible semantics, so if you find any unthemed elements/sections, please let me know and I will update them.

1.8.3 2016/04/17
  • fix for off-canvas nav for iOS/Safari
  • various template fixes (footer)
1.8.2 2016/02/02
  • various template fixes (member_register)
1.8.1 2016/01/22
  • off-canvas nav updated
1.8.0 2015/12/18
  • themed portal, getip, getpmip and similarthread
  • added postbit_classic that collapses on smaller screens
1.7.0 2015/11/21
  • themed popup prompts
  • lazy loading for avatars and post images
  • various template fixes (attachment)
1.6.0 2015/09/20
  • update for MyBB 1.8.6
  • add off-canvas nav for smaller screens
  • smaller forum icons for smaller screens
  • hide footer
  • add support for MyTwitter Connect, MyFacebook Connect and MyGoogle+ Connect
  • optimize JS
  • various template fixes
1.2.0 2015/09/11
  • hide quick reply affix when editing posts
  • various template fixes (header, usercp_nav, private_empty, forumbit_depth2_cat, calendar_addevent, _editevent, regimage)
  • various language fixes
1.1.0 2015/07/22
  • add MyAlerts support
  • rework postbit
  • rework Thank You/Like buttons
  • various template fixes
1.0.3 2015/07/04
  • ModCP now optimized for smaller screens
  • various template fixes (postbit, rep, private, usercp, modcp, member)
1.0.2 2015/07/03
  • various template fixes (header, announcements, postbit, posticons)
  • various language fixes (showthread, quicksearch, inlinemod, moderationoptions)
  • utilize CDNs for autosize.js and hammer.js and wrap calls in try/catch statements
1.0.1 2015/07/02
  • debugging, registration, language selector, alerts improved/themed
  • postbit and postbit_classic are now identical, and classic view option removed from User CP
  • forum subtree no longer lists inactive forums
  • Thank You/Like System by G33K support improved and now shows the number of thank yous/likes in postbit
  • various template fixes
  • various language fixes
1.0.0 2015/06/30
  • first public release

Compatible plugins
  • MyAlerts
  • Thank You/Like System by G33K
  • MyTwitter Connect
  • MyFacebook Connect
  • MyGoogle+ Connect
Since this theme uses almost exclusively Bootstrap semantics, most plugins will be incompatible with Respond.

Support / Services

Respond is licensed as a one-time purchase only and after purchase, you will be sent any and all future updates and bug fixes. Limited support is available with purchase. Reply to inquire about my availability to make other plugins compatible with Respond. PM to inquire about additional services, such as one-off customizations, special requests, etc.

Suggestions / Comments / Bugs

Post them if you got them.

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