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I am new with setting up forums and using myBB 1.8.5, hosted at Arvixe.

To be sure the backup is OK, I want to perform a restore. I see several ways.

Backup with
1. ACP admin.
2. PHPmyAdmin
3. Tooling from my hoster; Arvixe.

ad 1. How do I restore?

ad 2. I am not familiar with that.

ad 3. Backup and restore works fine for the database.
How do I close the forum during restore? The ACP setting "Board Online / Offline" seems not recommended. I read that the .htaccess file is recommended but it is hidden for me.
Can I just rename the index.php and add an index.htm file with the maintenance text in it?
Don't I need to shut down something else?

Thanks in advance for your advise.

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