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I too would like the post via email feature, but have a read the other threads saying it has not worked well or at all. 
The plugin itself has only 2 stars for its review. Many of the posts about this feature are old.

Is anyone using the post via email plugin successfully now?
Can anyone provide guidance?

wdolson, I do use the notification email plugin successfully, but my groups are again complaining they'd rather also see post and reply by email.
 I am using Automatic Subscriptions (1.0) Created by MattRogowski

 I am using myBB 1.6.15

There are some glitches - I can't seem to go into people's profile and set up the autosubs for them - most of my members are't very good at doing all this themselves. However I can go in through my hosting cpanel into mysql admin and into the user database and change them there - this is just marginally above my knowledge level and I had someone show me where to go and how to do this.

I would also like to modify the notification email to show much more of the post, but can't find where I do that/what template to change. ANyone know please?

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