Not Solved Must refresh to do just about anything and can't log out.
Not Solved
This morning I got this new issue and would appreciate any help. Any new post users make doesn't show until they refresh, if they try to log out, they must refresh, if they want to log in, they must refresh. So basically my forum is pretty much useless until the users "refresh." I tried it myself and sometimes the refresh doesn't even seem to work! Like now, I cannot logout at all no matter refreshing 10 times in a row. I get this message: "you were already logged out or have not logged in yet. you will now be taken back to the forum". So back I go to the forum and I am still logged in.  I searched the forum for some helps and this is what I did do far:

went to admin panel >> configuration >>settings >> site details --> Board URL and added www didn't work and then removed www and still didn't work. 

went ot  ACP->Config->Server & Optimization settings. Tried to put Yes for Friendly Redirect Pages, but there's no friendly redirect pages option to start with, so that didn't help.

Any help is greatly appreciated! I have a forum for people with sick dogs so my users get quite frustrated after some time!

my URL is:

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Must refresh to do just about anything and can't log out. - by forumlove - 2015-08-11, 08:34 PM

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