Not Solved Disable "Lost Password" functions for one group?
Not Solved
(2015-08-17, 07:32 PM)Ad Bakker Wrote:
(2015-08-17, 07:26 PM)Wrooster Wrote: A bunch of anonymous users is what I want, as long as they know the password.

But is a forum then the right platform for your purpose. Because a forum is a discussion platform, where discussions are between different members.

That's a fair question. This will be a valuable source of information and as members become aware of it, I hope we can begin to use it as a forum. A very few of us would like to see a forum but most of them don't care yet. It needs more than a few.

Even if it's never used for discussion, it provides a platform for uploads, security and interface without requiring a web developer every time something changes.

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