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I recently rewrote all the code for the "homepages" or my site, getting rid of its table based layout and replacing it with CSS. Then I decided to get rid of the default theme of my forum and style it in the same way as the rest of the site.

After a few hours of editing the theme and template in the Admin CP of MyBB, I finally got it working Toungue

Anyway, I know I've posted this section before, but has gone under a huge change from my "personal website" to a "community based discussion site". The forum is obviously the main focus, and although it has almost 40k posts, we have few members! *hint hint* Toungue

I have recently coded a new section of the site called " Reviews" which allows members of the forum to review things like Games, Books, Movies etc. This section is still in development, but all the basic features (adding reviews etc) work! In the future you will be able to comment on reviews, and rate the "reviewer" and the review yourself.

Anyway, I'd appreciate comments / suggestions about the site Toungue


P.S. On a related note, in Internet Explorer the right "margin" of the main pages is 12px but the left is 10px (like it should be). Both margins are 10px in Firefox and Opera, so if anyone knows how i can solve this in CSS I'd be very grateful.

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