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[1.8] Green-Orange Mybb 1.8.x Theme Only $5.00
Green-Orange Mybb 1.8.x Premium Theme Buy Online
Author: Khan Solangi
Collaborators: None
Bug Tracking: Disabled
MyBB Versions: 1.8.x
Version: 1.0
Submitted: 21-09-2015, 09:52 AM

[Image: green1-1024x660.png][Image: green3.png][Image: green4.png]
[Image: green5.png][Image: green2.png]

This is my new theme for MyBB, he himself called a “Green-Orange” style created for Mybb 1.8.
This new theme was created with a style “Green-Orange” but his aesthetic can be used for all kinds of forums, among the many customizations you can see, one of the best is its completely overhauled with professional style and ambience website to a “Portal” “News” or “Magazine” totally customizable, in it you can appreciate many effects, such as simplicity, fluidity and speed of loading thereof, to be made entirely with CSS, whether it is super light on your charge as easy to modify to taste of each person and everything is created with CSS, to visit the “Demo Online” will display their characteristics or installing the theme will appreciate all its functions and the amount of customizations that are created in the same such as how easy it is to modify each.
Buy Now $5.00
Khan Solangi Professional Web Designer In Pakistan.

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[1.8] Green-Orange Mybb 1.8.x Theme Only $5.00 - by Khankharor - 2015-09-21, 07:32 PM

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