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[For 1.8] Axis - Elegant Free MyBB Multicolor Theme From MySkins Studio
(2015-09-22, 10:57 PM)zukro Wrote: sweet, fluid width!!! 
throw some media queries on menu, hide forum descriptions, and we can call it responsive theme right?
How about the classic post bit? could you post the screenshot?

Yes, but that would require  to use a framework at the latest and so table design has to be compromised. I have given the base and users can play with it to their likes Smile.

(2015-09-23, 11:20 PM)Josh H. Wrote: Hmm... Why does the fa-cog icon lead to the search page? That doesn't make any sense, since a cogwheel implies settings or configuration.

Hmm, Thanks for the comment, the cog icon would be advanced search, just forgot to add the title attribute Smile. As i have already used search icon i have to suffice for the cog.

(2015-09-24, 01:08 PM)gamemaster Wrote: how to add the css button for thanks plugin ??

Well you need to edit the plugin templates located in global templates, and i would recommend to contact the plugin author first to make such changes Smile

(2015-09-25, 09:00 PM)Destroy666 Wrote: I can't see the theme neither in approved themes, nor in themes awaiting approval. Please submit it to the mods site, which is a requirement for opening a topic in this forum.

Well i have uploaded the theme to mods database and waiting the approval, can you please recheck again Smile
Thanks in advance
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]

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