Not Solved Problem with mail thread mail notification
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I am running myBB on my site. People can join forum, mail from admin (aka me) is sent. People receive mail without any problem. On top I have tested php mail sending ( with php script found in mybb help web page), and mail is sent OK.
However when my user subscribe to forum + user has in User CP mode Default thread subscription mode = Instant email notification) no notification mails are received (most of the time). Mails are sent sporadically ( sometimes yes sometimes no), and I noticed that if I have 3 users all 3 subscribed to same forum, and if user 1 write post, log off. Mail is still not sent. Then if user 1 wait for ~15 min and log in back to forum, mail is received by user 2 and user 3 almost instantaneously.

Can you point me in direction on how to troubleshoot this problem, where to look.... No logs are generated under Tools & Maintenance -> Logs.


Oh yes, I am running:
MyBB Version 1.8.6
PHP Version 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.13
SQL Engine MySQLi 5.5.44

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