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Not Solved How to Change Form titles i.e. ‘Forum’ to ‘Conference Room’
Not Solved
I am using MyBB 1.6 and will be upgraded to 1.8 upon return of our webmaster. 

While waiting for the webmasters return, I would like to know if I can and how to change form titles such as "Category" to "Conferring Group" and "Forum" to "Conference Room" and "Threads" to "Table Topic".  Can this be done to apply universally? For example if I were to click Options within a Thread, intending to create a child forum, could I have it automatically appear under a column titled "Table Topic"? (Please note that 'Category', 'Forum' and 'child forum' do not have to be changed, only the bulletin board's visible titles.)

I hope I'm making sense and that what I'm asking can be done. BTW, these changes are to accommodate a professional group whose disciplines relate to these terms.  Thank you and hope to hear something soon.

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How to Change Form titles i.e. ‘Forum’ to ‘Conference Room’ - by SuzieQ Calgary - 2015-10-19, 04:29 AM

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