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Not Solved missing tables causing merge failure
Not Solved
that didn't work. still getting the same missing table error. I see the table there! ugh. never had such issues on this stuff before. DylanM manages the server and helps me out when he's around. Obviously he's been busy while I'm doing this. Smile But regardless, this should be easy stuff.

(2015-11-13, 04:01 PM)expat Wrote: I think the software designer just told you the merger isnt designed to merge 1.6 into 1.8..... Toungue

I upgraded my 1.6 board to 1.8 then tried to import the db like you said.
When that failed with the datacache nonsense, I tried merging the upgraded 1.8 board to the new clean 1.8 board. The attachments and avatars give the trouble there as I described above.

I'm running out of creative ideas how to get my board upgraded since the upgrade destroys the themes and doesn't install the new version of the themes and merging corrupts the attachments - which are needed on this particular board.

And why would anyone need to merge a 1.8 to 1.8? Wouldn't it make more sense to merge older boards to the new version? The only reason I can see merging 1.8 to 1.8 is to combine 2 similar forums.
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