Not Solved MyBB Upgrade to 1.8 Can't Access Admin CP
Not Solved
Dark Power Invader

My theme's templates and style sheets were all changed to be 1.8.6 from 1.6 and the problem still persists.

Euan T

I fixed this sometime earlier when I found out what the error meant. Those plugins no longer exists yet there are still many issues on my forum. :/

The main issues I need help with now are none of the new up to date plugins I download and put on my forum are working such as New Points, Xthreads and more. I need these plugins to make my forum run successfully due to features they rely on.

At this point is there anyway I can revert back to the 1.6 version? This is such a headache and I never needed support when I was using the 1.6 version and fully understand support is no longer offered for that version.

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