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[Release] TeslaGame - Responsive Premium MyBB Theme - MySkins Studio - Light Edition
(2016-04-02, 06:48 AM)Mathew_ Wrote: Nice. But the reason for low sale is crystal clear. No offense but you sell all of your theme at way too high price compared to any of the theme sellers including mybb,wordpress,prestashop,etc
If you want to make a bank then price for your theme must range between10 to 13 dollar considering responsive design.
if non responsive then 9 - 10 $
use bootstrap and test themes in virtual debugger for 2 weeks at-least because i see posts of buyers complaining always on your theme about some bugs

im sorry but i do disagree in full
for the price i consider that its a fair price considering all js effects, and responsiveness that you dont see on many themes
the time and work that this takes to do most certainly the "10 to 13 dollars" its to cheap and for the bug issues ar 99% due to newbies trying to modify the theme and they arent able to like simple install of "myalerts" plugin and set it up on top menu bars, (aswell on usercp nav menu) that would break the theme and need to be css costumised to be responsive aswell but most clients arent able to do it alone and so they complaint that its buggy when its not!!

the users are free to choose "buy or not"
anyway its just my opinion

PS: MyAlert plugin was mentiond only for a example purpose since its one of the most plugins used
but theres tons of plugins that will break the theme and is responsiveness if not costumized

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