Not Solved 404 error page appears for member.php when trying to log into forum
Not Solved
regarding the .htaccess file, I meant that there is no .htaccess file on the root level of the forum directory. 

I ran the file verification tool and the settings were identical to the local server, which works. It said that inc/functions.php had changed. 

Thank you for the suggestions. This is very odd. I had fixed the spelling of the word "forum" on the settings page several hours earlier, and yet in the settings.php file it was still misspelled. 

So I updated the settings.php file via FTP. Now, I can log in to the front end of the forum, but no longer can I log into the admin area of the forum with my main admin credentials. It says that the username/pw combination is invalid.

There is a moderator login, which was provided with limited administrator access that logs in successfully to the admin area. 

I just tried logging in using a different browser and it worked. I had been on Chrome and had cleared browsing data since the beginning of time and quit and restarted, but it didn't take. I logged in with FireFox successfully. I then went back to Chrome and re-cleared the Browsing Data including passwords and it seemed to take one time. I then tried to log back in via Chrome and got the username/pw combination is invalid message. I can get into Firefox consistently for some reason. 

Any suggestions?

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