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[F] Unapproved Glory
I have just posted one new thread, with twelve replies. Altogether I have posted 13 posts. I decide to unapprove the whole thread, but after unapproving the thread I decide to delete it. Therefore, I have deleted 13 unapproved posts and 1 thread.

  • Before deleting the uunapproved posts, I go back to the index and I notice that the "Board Statistics" state 12 posts in 0 threads. If the posts are unapproved then, there are NO posts at all! And it's a play on its own words. How can you have posts and no threads... oxymoron.
  • Regardless of the number of threads, there are still 13 posts. Why in the Board Statistics does this not show 13 and shows 12? Is this a bug, in a bug?
  • Once I have deleted the unapproved posts/thread I go back to the index and notice that I have 12 unapproved posts next to the forums post count within the (). Hang on? Wern't there 13 unapproved posts? Is this a bug, in a bug too?
  • The Board Statistics have not changed after the deletion of the unapproved posts. It still says 12 posts in 0 threads.
  • Last, but not least, My total post count comes in at a whooping large -12 posts! Strangely enough, I thought I posted 13 times... and if we we're doing negatives wouldn't it show -13? YAY! another bug, in a bug Toungue

Attachments included.

This bug was picked up somewhat in this general support thread.

Hopefully I've documented the bug thoroughly enough for your understanding and bug-squashing.

Feature Request:
Can we have a "Rebuild ALL Caches" button - just so I could retest this bug out and make sure I wasn't babbling on I had to rebuild and recount the caches, and had to click each button... how... slow. AND I officially hate redirect pages. Toungue

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