Subscriptions are great and all, but i would like an egosearch. This is supplied with phpBB, but MyBB does not support it and uses subscriptions instead. I would like users to be able to do an egosearch via a "view my posts" menu link for themselves. (as our forum community is from phpBB, we are not use to subscriptions and want egosearch)

You can get this list of threads manually...but you have to go to search toplink -> search by username -> input your own username -> search button
This redirects you to a url with a specific sid number. It gives you a list of threads in which you posted in. This is different than view posts or view threads. In this list you can scan (knowing each one is a thread you posted to)...and if you see anything other than your username, someone posted to it. Subsrciptions does this in some way...but its kind of a hassle if you are use to egosearch. We want that list link, not a PM or email. 

For the time being a few of us have actually done this search tediosu process to get the url, bookmarked it our browser, and use that when we want to see our egosearch. That seems kind of silly to have to do though for a forum to get a quick link to an egosearch.

Ive tried making this myself. But it seems to just not work out. I tried insert the username into the url, but the sid is not the same a the username string or users uid number. Ive tried javascript in which auto inserts your own username into the username input box, and automate that tedious process, but i am not good with javascript.

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