MyBB Group launches new MyBB Website
We're proud to announce a complete re-launch of the entire MyBB website.

The new website has been designed from the ground up with a new attractive look, all new information and updated existing content.

With that we're also announcing new versions of the MyBB Ideas and MyBB Wiki to bring both of those sites in line with the new site layout.

The new website has been designed with web standards in mind and is compatible with all major browsers. Internet Explorer 6 and below users will see a more simple version of the site due to technologies missing in that particular version of Internet Explorer.

We expect there to be a few problems with the new site and we'd appreciate if all discussion and problems with the site are reported to us in the discussion thread for this announcement.

A huge thank you to Peter Akkies, who whilst he was still here with the MyBB Group began some preliminary work on the new site (before its visual refresh), and Justin for spending hours upon hours negotiating with myself and building a complete visual refresh for the site (what you see now)

Enjoy the new site,

MyBB Group

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