MyBB 1.2.8 Released - Security & Maintenance Release
MyBB 1.2.8 is now available on the MyBB website and is a general maintenance release as well as a security update release that patches a recently discovered low threat vulnerability.

This release also fixes over 30 identified issues with 1.2.7, some causing incorrect functionality of MyBB as well as other internally discovered problems with the post counting system introduced with 1.2.7. These bugs have been fixed to provide a more stable version of MyBB for public use.

What's added/changed in this version?
  • Setting to enable/disable the forum jump menus - useful for boards with a large number of forums.
  • Additional plugin hooks have been added to both inc/class_moderation.php and the archive mode. (by request)

Information on upgrading, template changes and language changes can be found in the posts below. MyBB 1.1.x patches can also be found below.

If for some reason you cannot immediately update to this release:
We recommend applying the attached manual patch instructions, or patch plugin for the vulnerability found in MyBB 1.2.7. You should only consider these as temporary solutions and make the effort to upgrade to 1.2.8 as soon as possible.

To manually patch your 1.2.7 to fix these vulnerabilities please follow the following instructions:

.txt   mybb_128_xss_fix.txt (Size: 1.11 KB / Downloads: 1,297)

Alternatively, you can use the following plugin. Upload it to inc/plugins/ and activate from your Admin CP --> Plugin Manager.

.php   mybb128patch.php (Size: 940 bytes / Downloads: 1,196)

Please note, that you need to run the upgrade script for this version. This is so the templates may be updated.
There are no database schema changes in this version.

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