[Request] Show new replies to your post
DennisTT Wrote:
shadow82x Wrote:No just any topics you posted in if therews new replies. It would be really cool if a mod writer can make a mod like this. It would change the way I look at mybb.

Can you explain exactly what you want the mod to do? It's difficult for a 'mod writer' to create a mod when they don't know how you want it to work.
I will try my best.

OK we are on a forum we reply in several topics for example "RE: [Request] Show new replies to your post" and some other ones like "topic 1" and "topic 2" You make posts at all these topics. Within 10 minutes someone replies to topic 1. So when you do show new replies to your posts it will show the new replies to your posts. It will show only a list of topics that show new replies to your posts and you click it and it goes to that topic.
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