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Not Solved block php from view except for admins
Not Solved
Im trying to make a php page to view all mybb variables for customizing. But after looking at these variables and showing the values, i am assuming you want to hide this from public view. So i tried to add no permissions to everyone except admins (which in my forum is usergroup 4) 

but when im logged in as admin, i get a no permissions page now when viewing this page


define("IN_MYBB", 1);
include "global.php";

if ($mybb->user['usergroup'] == 4){

echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';

nevermind. Somtimes i really wish i could delete posts when i feel so dumb
Quote:if ($mybb->user['usergroup'] != 4){

Does print_r($mybb); show each admin logged in info. Like i see me password hash and all.

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block php from view except for admins - by metulburr - 2016-11-21, 02:37 PM

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