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Let's destroy MyBB again


[Image: eFFEldt.png]


1. The dress regulations are the basic forms of dress for all the soldiers in the British Armed Forces with the exception of the civilian members of the Defence Cabinet who are limited only to 'formal wear' of their choice.
2. Cross Dressing is not permitted within the British Armed Forces.

[Image: doVUgn4.png]

1. There are certain requirements and limitations on facial features in the British Armed Forces that are to be applied to all outfits and uniforms.
  • A. Skin colour is to be realistic with no un-realistic colours or features
  • B. Hair should be neat, and not be covering parts of the face in anyway, due to Berets being optional, below are the approved hairstyles that will look appropriate. Some may be suitable with a Beret, please check with a member of RMP or the PMA for approval on hairstyles with a beret.
  • C. Males are permitted to wear the standard moustache, Goatee, King Bear and Semi Mutton Chops. The colour must however be realistic of that in a military.
  • D. No jewellery or earrings are permitted.
  • E. All types and styles of eyes are permitted.

[Image: bGFsfde.png]
[Image: N77mSO9.png]

1. There are certain requirements and limitations on uniform accessories in this military.
  • A. Ties, which match the colour of the shirt, can be worn with long sleeve shirts only unless otherwise displayed in an applicable outfit.
  • B. HC black/grey rounded or squared shoes are permitted at all times and in conjunction with all outfits.
  • C. Glasses are permitted as per the image below. The eye patch is awarded to personnel by the (J)CGS. (COLOUR MUST BE BLACK/GREY/WHITE)

[Image: ulgGYgV.png]
  • D. Gun belts are permitted with all uniforms excluding the 'army executive' outfit and must be HC black/white.
  • E. The shoulder sash/belt is permitted with Option A and Option N only and must match the colour of your shoes.
  • F. An olive green 'army helmet,' 'side cap' or 'camo cap' is permitted with all outfits unless otherwise stated in the outfit limitations or otherwise displayed.
  • G. Any DMOC Radio personnel who are on-air DJing are permitted to wear the paid headphones. They must be non-hc mint green with a black secondary color.
    [Image: H21z2Gs.png]
  • H. The white shield is permitted for all Royal Military Police personnel only.
  • I. The gold/red ribbon is worn only by the Army Sergeant Major.
  • J. Rank slides and medals can be worn with any uniform option. (Please see guide below for descriptions of each medal/rank slide.)

[Image: K4BSkY9.png]
These rank slides are permitted with every uniform authorised for use.
  • RANK 1: Private (Pte) - Corporal (Cpl)
  • RANK 2: Sergeant (Sgt) - Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS)
  • RANK 3: Warrant Officer Class 2 (WO2) - Officer Cadet (OCdt)
  • RANK 4: Second Lieutenant (2Lt) - Colonel (Col)
  • RANK 5: Brigadier (Brig) - General (Gen)

[Image: mHzyKer.png]
These medals are permitted with every uniform authorised for use.
  • VC: Victoria Cross Recipients
  • DSO: Distinguished Service Order Recipients
  • CGC: Conspicuous Gallantry Cross Recipients
  • Medal: This medal is only to be worn by JFC

G. Berets are optional and must reflect your career path. (Please see guide below for correct CP colors.)

[Image: KEYpYra.gif]

1. Motto's must be correct as seen exactly how it is on the MPR, no exceptions to ADT tags, rank, spelling, service stripes etc.

1. Below is a guide to who can use which uniform.

A. Outfit Key
  • Habbo Club - [Image: dw9OZtN.png]
  • Military Clothing - [Image: UeNoR1L.png]
  • Sergeant+ - [Image: CC96pnj.png]
  • WO2+ - [Image: bJ9Jtng.gif]
  • 2Lt+ - [Image: KSuF1Xh.png]
  • JFC Only - [Image: Hbh8Pdx.png]
  • Not In Use - [Image: qxsYUyi.png]

[Image: wMtoAUx.png]
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