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(2016-12-05, 06:28 AM)Danielle Wrote: I just recently installed MyBB on my hostgator through quick install, so I think I'm running 1.6. 

I installed Email Admin About New Member, with no issues, and then Plugin Uploader. I was trying to upload AutoMedia through the plugin uploader and it said it was not compatible with 1.6. 

So, I thought I would upgrade, and tried to, but then realized I have no clue how to do it. So I got on with Hostgator and they said that I cannot upgrade past 1.6 on my shared hosting. 

So, then I went to view my forum and everything looks okay except two icons aren't showing up. One for a forum I have that redirects to a website, and the other in the top right of each forum. I have no idea what I did to mess those up or how to fix them. 

Can someone help? I apologize for asking such a simple question, I am just incredibly new to this, and probably shouldn't have been in my files at all in the first place. 

Link to my forum is here

Thank you in advance.


for right corner icon :

go to admin panel >> template & style >> template >> your template name >> forum bit >> forumbit_depth1_cat 

find : "collapse.png"
and turn it to  "collapse.gif"

for redirect icon

go to your root host and go to image folder and find "offlink.gif"
if there is not any "offlink.gif", you should upload an image what you want to show with name : "offlink.gif"
if there is "offlink.gif", let me know

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